Investment Strategies

Opportunistic Investing

Given CapAxis’ Principals extensive experience in understanding the risks of lending, we are able to provide financing to segments of the marketplace where other lending institutions are either unable or unwilling to do so.  Applying established risk management principles to non-traditional assets provides our investors with enhanced returns and quantifiable risks.

With over 50 years of experience, our Principals have an unparalleled understanding of client and lender requirements


Unlike larger Lending institutions, we are able to provide immediate feedback as to the feasibility of a loan and provide the potential borrower with preliminary guidance as to what would be required for it to be considered by underwriters.  If the path forward is acceptable, we work with the client to aggregate necessary supporting data and identify a structure that will be acceptable to both them and a Lender.  CAP then identifies Lenders within their network and matches the loan request with the appropriate provider.  The preferred Lender will receive an intelligible deliverable enabling an expeditious review and response.

There are over 5,000 lenders in the US consisting of Money Center Banks, National Banks, Regional Banks, Community Banks and Specialized Lenders.  Within this eco-system, each of these lenders possess attributes that make their platforms and competitiveness distinct.  The more complex the borrower and collateral, the larger the chasm between Lenders.  CapAxis Partners is an Advisor, not a Broker.  Acting in this capacity, we are solely motivated to have our interests aligned with our clients.


For Multi-Family Offices

When evaluating the need for a potential borrowing, Individuals typically rely on their incumbent Bank for advice and execution.  Given the expanse and limited transparency of the lending eco-system for Families and Individuals, MFO’s can leverage our expertise when advising their clients on how best to include debt as a component of their financial plans.

For Registered Investment Advisors

By partnering with CAP, Advisors can assist clients by providing a professional independent option for their debt needs. Advisors will benefit by limiting the needs of their clients to call their incumbent bank, who may require assets to be placed with them.  If appropriate, advisors can leverage access to the CAP platform when competing against a Bank for clients.

For Lenders

With over 5,000 Lenders in the US, the market can sometimes become very competitive for quality loans.  We are committed to providing Lenders with access to loan opportunities that are appropriately matched with their core competencies, collateral priorities, regulatory bounds and geography (if relevant).  Lenders will receive a comprehensive loan profile in an intelligible format allowing underwriters to expeditiously determine if it is a fit for their portfolio.

Representing Clients with Unconflicted Advice

Representative Transactions

Individuals borrowing needs are unique to their situation.  In addition, their collateral types and financial profiles differ materially from borrowers in the institutional market.  In previous roles, CAP Principals have completed billions of dollars of loans across dozens of unique assets where the loan viability is often closely linked to their financial profiles.

Our Team

Stephen A. Collins

Managing Partner

[email protected] | +1 (415) 203-6139

Steve is the Founder and General Partner of CapAxis Partners, LLC and has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry.  He has held an array of roles at Drexel Burnham, Montgomery Securities / Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo and City National Bank.  Steve’s experience has encompassed Government Bond trading, Trading and Sales Management, Portfolio Management, Brokerage sales and Private Banking. In these areas, Steve conducted business with some of the wealthiest individuals and families in the United States.

Steve graduated from Denison University with degrees in Economics and Psychology.  He has three children and resides in Piedmont, CA where he is actively involved in the community and has served as President of several non-profit organizations.



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